OK folks this web site has been inactive for a while now, so let me give ya some info on what is going on. First off about a year ago we had a major melt down and lost all the programing for over 900 pages involved in running this site. A short time later, Big John had some serious health problems pop up in his life not to mention the losing of his home. With out John, there would be no web site. This site has over 900 pages available for viewing which means there are several thousand pages of HTML and codes that keep it running. During the melt down, all programs that John had written were erased. To rewrite all these programs would take hundreds of hours and I just don't think it is possiable. There will be a lot of links and other things that are no longer working. However there is still hundred's of pages available like:

1) All photo galleries, parties, events and runs are still up. (about 300 pages of pictures)
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We are not allowing people to post on the classified ads, events and guest book pages, because of fucking spamers posting links to porno sites which I don't want on here. To have things posted on these pages, they have to be sent to me first for my approval. You will however still find foul language, and lot's of objectionable pictures and comments. This after all is a biker's site, not a church social. My personal editorials will still take on subjects that I think a lot of people agree with but are scared to talk about and I don't give a rat's ass who I offend.

All this being said, bear with us and we will try and keep this site interesting and active. We have over 1,500,000 (one million five hundred thousand) page views so far....not to bad for a small time web site!!


What's with the fuckin cops these days? Runnin around dressed like NAZI storm troopers and beating people up. All dressed in camo gear and wearing masks covering their faces and caring full automatic machine guns. They kick down doors just like the gestapo did. I don't blame any one who blows one away if they kick down the door and rush in screaming commands. Hell, any one can kick your door in and start yelling that they are cops. I see car chases with 30 or more cop cars chasing one car. I remember when all it took was one cop to handle a suspect, not eight or ten. I will admit however that there times when several cops are needed to handle a problem.....like when four cops on the scene are all afermitave action hires. You know three are 200 pounds over weight and couldn't run if they tried and the fourth is a female who doesn't want to jump on a 250 pound bad guy. There times when even I would pull a gun ... just recently a single cop was called to a problem at a pool party in McKinney Texas and the media has not provided the whole story. The party was in a "well-to-do" complex and the pool was rented by a resident for a "PRIVATE" party. Well seems over 130 kids decided to crash the party and that's why the cops were called. The teens (all black) were jumping over the pool fencing and destroying property. When the lone cop arrived, he was confronted by dozens of black trouble makers. Knowing how niggers act at times like this he pulled his gun in fear for his life as he was the only cop there. This time, the niggers were the problem, (they usually are) not the cop. Had it been me, there would most likely have been some black skins laying dead in the street!! Most of the time I blame the cops for acting like they are their own private little gang and they can do what ever they damn well please. I think I'll let this go for now and do a little research and come back to the cop thing a little later.


What the hell is this shit with all these dogs every where I go being called special needs dogs??? Most of you ass holes out there just use this as an excuse to take your fuckin mutt every where ya go. Any one claiming there dog is a special needs dog that helps you with a serious health problem, should have to wear a special collar with a license stating the dogs training and reason you have the dog!! Other than that, leave the damn mutt at home!!


Just what the hell is going on in this country with all the news about queers now days? A sport's figure comes "out of the closet" and he gets a call from ole half breed asshole obama, but a Marine dies for his country and obama goes golfing. Now I don't really give a shit if two guys want to poke each other in the ass or not. But now they want the country to treat them like they are normal when they are far from it. They want us to let them get married and adopt kids like it was the in thing to do in today's world. Women are no different, they want to be carpet munchers and be allowed to marry just like normal folks. Every day we hear more and more about people who say they have a gender identy chrises. Guys want to be changed into women and women who want to be men. Lately there are stories of kids as young as four who say they are living in the wrong body. The worse part of it is their dumb ass parents agree with the little shits. We also got this ass wipe Bruce Jenner who is now a woman and one ugly bitch at that!! Like I stated above, I don't really care whose ass ya get into or if some bitch decides she wants a dick rather than a beaver, just don't tell me I have to agree with it. This country has so many special groups that there are no just plain working folk any more. Don't try to tell me I can't discriminate against any thing I don't believe in. I do not believe in equal rights for all! If I did, I would marry my dog and claim him on my taxes!!


Have ya ever seen the logo on the side of a cop car that reads "TO SERVE AND PROTECT"?? Well let me tell ya folks, that's one big lie!! All cops do now day's is come round "AFTER" a crime has been committed to see if they can figure out what happened. They are not there to protect you !!! Call Colt, Ruger, Glock, S&W, they all offer ya better protection and they won't fuck with ya when your in trouble.


The city of Tampa is trying to figure out how to stop the rash of murders being committed by young black males. There were 28 homicides in Tampa, all last year and 22 involved firearms. So far in 2015, there have been 15 gun-related homicides and we are not even half way through the year yet. Yet the powers that be say "the over all crime rate is down". The city has a new black police chief and he says he has plans to stop all this shit. Well seems it's only his "BLACK" kin who are doing all the killing. He wants to open rec centers for low income black kids, and free lunches to keep them off the streets. What a bunch of shit !! Time has come to quit giving all this free crap to the black punks. The more free shit ya give them, the more they will ask for or just take. Ya ever notice how every time a spook gets shot, whole neighbor hoods riot and burn?? Then here come the white liberals rebuilding their houses, stores and lives. They burn it, let the bastards live in it. The white liberals treat the niggers like they are better than the law abiding whites. These black punks want respect, let them earn it, and that won't happen by giving them all this free shit. The problem with race relations is that whites are always giving and blacks are always taking. The black neighbor hoods want cops to stop the crime in their hoods, but won't help them do it. Ya can't have it both ways, ya either snitch on the thugs in your hood, or ya live with the murders, robberies and rapes and solve the problem your selves.We (whites) have been throwing money into black projects and neighbor hoods for over fifty years and we are no better off than we were fifty years ago. As a matter of fact, things are much worse...We build nice housing complexes, shopping centers and in five years they are ghettos. Y'all blacks need to take pride in your hoods. Drive through any black hood and just look at all the trash and garbage in almost every yard. All because they know whity will come clean it up and build them new housing ... enough is enough ... police your own fucking neighbor hoods and clean up your own trash and just maybe whites will give ya a little more respect till then, screw you!!.
Government has nothing to give anybody except what it first takes from somebody and a government that's big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you've got.