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11th Cavalry MC Nomad
21st Century Cruisers
4 Horsemen M.C. (Pasadena, CA)
The 59 Club (UK)
667 MC Club (Denver)
727 Freedom Riders (FL)
A Padroeira MC
ABATE New York - Ontario County
ABATE of Alaska
ABATE of Arizona
ABATE of Arkansas District 12 (Central Arkansas)
ABATE of Californi,a Local No. 16 (Santa Barbara)
ABATE of California
ABATE of California, Local No. 29 (Morongo Basin)
ABATE of California, Local No. 54
ABATE of Colorado
ABATE of Florida
ABATE of Florida, Citrus County Chapter
ABATE of Illinois, St. Clair County
ABATE of Illinois, Westgate Chapter
ABATE of Kansas
ABATE of Maryland
ABATE of Michigan
ABATE of Nebraska, Lincoln Chapter
ABATE of New Jersey
ABATE of Ohio
ABATE of Ohio, Portage & Summit Co.
ABATE of Ohio, Region 8
ABATE of Pennsylvania
ABATE of Pennsylvania, Delaware Valley Chapter (Dist.9, Chapter 63)
ABATE of South dakota, Black Hills Chapter
ABATE of Tennessee, Memphis
ABATE of Washington, Cowlitz County
ABATE of Wisconsin
ABATE of Wyoming - Cheyenne Chapter
ABATE Texas Confederation, Arlington Chapter
ABATE/CMRO (Concerned Motorcycle Riders of Ohio)
Abutre's M.C.
Abyss Ghosts MC
ACC Riders (Spain)
Ace Cafe Club
Acorrentados MC (Brazil)
Acquitted MC (Philadelphia, PA)
Active Disciples Riding 4 Jesus (South Africa)
ADG MC (Seattle WA)
Africa Twin Club of Northern Hellas
Airhead Beemer's Club
Alabama Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs
Alaska Northern Riders BMW Club
Albany Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Club (AU)
Alberta Coalition of Motorcyclists (ACOM)
Alberta Scooter Club
Alpha Pack Riders (Gainesville, FL)
Amateur Riders Motorcycle Association
America's Guardians MC - Central Pennsylvania Chapter
America's Guardians MC - National
American Brotherhood MC (NY, USA)
American Cruisers MC
American Cruisers MC - Capital Region, NY
American Cruisers MC - Chapter 58 Dekalb County, Alabama
American Cruisers MC - Europe
American Cruisers MC - Las Vegas Chapter #60
American Cruisers MC - Long Island, NY Chapter #59
American Cruisers MC - Mojave River, CA
American Dawgs
American Federation of Motorcyclists (N CA Racing Club)
American Gold Wing Association
American Indian & Bikers Alliance MC
American Knights Motorcycle Club of Chicago
American Legion Riders Post 104 (Pinellas Park, Florida)
American Military Veteran & Law Enforcement MC
American Motorcycle Owners Club-AMOC
American Motorcyclist Association
American Sport-Touring Riders Association
American Steel MC
American Veterans MC (Bellevue, Nebraska)
Animal MC (Sweden)
Antique American Motorcycle Club
Antique Motorcycle Club of America
Anyway Associazione Sportiva Motociclistica (IT)
Aprilia USA Owner's Club
Arabian Knights MC Tampa - Florida Chapter
Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs
Arizona Sun Chasers MC
Armed Forces MC - America
Armed Forces MC - California Chapter
Armed Forces MC - Florida Chapter
Armed Forces MC - Georgia Chapter
Armed Forces MC - Georgia II Chapter
Armed Forces MC - Hawaii Chapter
Armed Forces MC - Illinois Chapter
Armed Forces MC - Mississippi Chapter
Armed Forces MC - North Carolina Chapter
Armed Forces MC - Wisconsin Chapter
Armor Bearers M/C
Army Vets MC Nomads
Association Custom Intruders
Auckland (NZ) MotorCycle Club
The Auto 66 Club
Avengers M/C
Azuza StreetRiders Motorcycle Ministry
Bømlo-MCK/Bomlo-MCK (Norway)
Bad Apples Cartoon Motorcycle Club (Warrington, PA)
Bad Company MC (Los Angeles, California)
BADD (Bikers Against Drunk Drivers)
Baja Condors Motorcycle Club
Bald Guys MC
Bald Guys MC (ME Chapter)
Bandidos MC World
Banished Freaks MC (Norway)
Baret Vert MCC
Bath Classic Motorcycle Club (UK)
Bavarian Illuminati MC Club and Conspiracy
BCCOM Squamish Members Site
BIG Bucks Riders Club
Big Dog Motorcycles RC
Big Dog Riders
Biker Cell Church
Bikers Against Child Abuse
Bikers Australia
Bikers Brothers Sisak (Croatia)
Bikers Community of Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
Bikers Dogs MC
Bikers For Christ
Bikers of Lesser Tolerance (BOLT)
Bikers Quebec
Bikers Rights Online
Black Aces Motorcycle Club
Black Iron MC
Black Jokers MC Limburg
Black Sabbath MC (South Africa)
Black Snakes MC (Laredo, Texas)
Blackhorse Nomads MC
Blood Brothers MC
Blood Knights MM (San Antonio, TX)
Blue Knights British Columbia VII Chapter
Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club
Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club BC 5 Chapter
Blue Knights Puerto Rico 1 Chapter
Blues Bikers MC (Germany/Italy)
BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington
BMW Club Norway
BMW Club of Northern California
BMW Clubs Australia
BMW Motor Club Vlaanderen vzw (Belgium)
BMW Motorcycle Club of Port Washington
BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
BMW Motorcycle Owners of Georgia
BMW Riders Association International
BMW Riders of Mississippi
BMW Riders Of Vermont
BMW Riding in Louisiana
BODY FOR CHRIST (MM) Motorcycle Ministry
Bohemians MC (Morocco)/
The Bomb Squad San Diego
Bommc Schoddinge (Sweden)
Boondock Saints MC (NY)
BoozeFighters MC
BoozeFighters MC - Chapter 77
BoozeFighters MC Canada
Boozefighters MC Chapter 49
BoozeFighters MC Chapter 82 Minnasota
Boozefighters MC Mountain Chapter 60 (NY)
Border Riders Motorcycle Club
Borinqueneers MC (TX)
Born Again Motorcycle Ministry
Born To Die Motorcycle Ministry
Born to Die Motorcycle Ministry
Brazilian Biker's WebClub
Breakfast Riders Motorcycle Club of Long Island
British Biker Cooperative (Milwaukee, WI)
British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists
British Iron Association - CT Chapter
British Iron Association - MA Chapter
British Iron Association Of Connecticut
British Motorcycle Club of Central New York
Broken Spokes RC
Brotherhood Bikers Newsletter (Houston, TX)
Brotherhood MC (MA)
Brotherhood MC (Sierra Cal)
Brotherhood Of Stolen Souls RC
Brotherhood of United Biker's MC (Middle Island, NY)
Brothers Grim MC (International)
Brothers In Arms MC - North Puget Sound Chapter
Brothers Motorcycle Association
Brothers of the Creed MC
Brothers of the Third Wheel
Brudenschaft MC (Nebraska)
BSA Owners Club - Bohemia
BTBC (Big Trail Bike Club)
Buell Owners & Repair Group (Germany)
Buell Owners Group (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Buffalo Soldiers MC - FL
Buffalo Soldiers MC - Harrisburg, PA
Buffalo Soldiers MC - MD
Buffalo Soldiers MC - Monrovia, CA
Buffalo Soldiers MC - National
Buffalo Soldiers MC - NJ
Buffalo Soldiers MC - Petersburg, VA
Buffalo Soldiers MC - Sacramento, CA
Buffalo Soldiers MC - Seaford, DE
Buffalo Soldiers MC - St. Petersburg, FL
Bulldogs MC (Finland)
By The Grace Of God Motorcycle Ministry
C.C. Riders (CO)
C.R.O.S.S. Motorcycle Club & Minstries
Calgary MC
California Wind Dancers
Canadian Motorcycle Association
Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers
Canadian Veteran Freedom Riders
Canadian Wings Motorcycle Drill Team
Canberra District Ducati Club
Capital City Riders M.C.
Carolina Faith Rider
Carolinas BMW Motorcycle Owner's Association #220
Catholic Cross Bearers Motorcycle Ministry
Caveman MC (Germany)
Cellar Dwellers (Midlands, UK)
Celtic Brothers HDC (France)
Celtic Law MC
Celtic MC (NYC)
Centauros MC (Mexico)
Central California Road Runners MC
Central Jersey Riders (Somerville, NJ)
Cernunnos Motor Cycle Club (England)
Chicago Norton Owners Club
ChoirBoys Motorcycle Club
Chopper Club
Chopper Club Belgie
Chopper Eagles (Germany)
Chopperclub MC (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Chosen Few MC (Belfast Ireland)
The Chosen Ones MCC (South Africa)
Christian Motorcyclist Association - Northern Virginia
Christian Motorcyclists Association - Southern CA
Christian Motorcyclists Association USA
Christinehams MC Klubb
City Heat MC
Classic Bike Network
Classic British Motorcycle Club of Cincinnati
Classic Japanese MC Club of San Jose, CA
Classic Wing Club
Classics Riding Club (Fort lauderdale Florida)
Club Desmo (Ducati Owners in N. CA)
Club Moto
Clube de Motards Veteranos de Portugal
Clube de Motards Veteranos de Portugal
Clutch Dollz MC (Maryland)
Coast Riders MC (Half Moon Bay, CA)
Cobras MC
Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association
Company MC Oslo (Norway)
COMRADES Motorcycle Club (Canada)
Concours Owners Group Page
Condemned Few MC (NY)
coper-srbija mk
Cornerstone MM
CORVOS MC (Brazil)
Covenant Motorcycle Ministry - International(MO)
Covenant Motorcycle Ministry - New England Chapter 2001 (MA)
Covenant Motorcycle Ministry - Texas Chapter (TX)
Crazed Ducati Riders Of Massachusetts
Crazy 8's Motorcycle Club
Crazy Brothers United MC (Northern California)
Crossroads Bikers M/M (GA)
Cruisers Club of America
CX500/650 Friends Germany
Cycle Disciples M/C
Cycle To Freedom MC
DAC Motors
Dansk BSA Klub
Daring Eagles MC (Germany)
Daytona 200 Motorcycle Club
Daytona Retreads
Dead Horse MC
Dead Men Riding (South Africa)
Dead Rabbits Motorcycle Club (Daytona Beach Chapter)
Deadly Aces Club (VA)
Deepwoods MC Kongsberg
Defenders MC
Defiant Crew MC
Deguello MC (Houston)
Desert Eagle MC
Desert Vets MC
Desmo of Indiana
Deth Dealers MC
Devils Diciples MC US
Diamonds Motorcycle Club's (Delaware)
Dirty Bikers - Germagnano (Italy) Cho Riders Club
Discarded Crew
Disciples of Freedom MC
Distant Thunder MC (FL)
Dixie Chapter of AMCA (Augusta, GA)
Dixie Dual Sport Motorcycle Club (USA)
Dog Soldiers MC
Dogz Of War MC (Pennsacola, Florida)
Dogz Of War MC (Youngstown, Ohio)
Dogz Of War MC National
Doof Clenas Motorcycle Collective
Dot Motorcycle Club
Dragon Slayer MC (North Carolina)
Dragons Motorcycle Club of Thailand
Ducati Club Denmark
Ducati Owners Club of Western Australia
Ducatis Unlimited Connection (DUC)
Ducks Moto Club (Saltillo Coah, Mexico)
Dukes MC (South Africa)
East Side Crew Connecticut
Easyriders MCC (Finland)
Ebony Angels MC of Raleigh, NC
Ebony Queens Motorcycle Club
Emerald Coast Riders (A Retread MC Group)
Emerald Trail Riders Association (OR Dirt Bike Club)
Enduro Team Birseck
Enforcers MC
Enkalon MC (Northern Ireland)
European Bikers Touring Club e.V (Germany)
Excelsior-Henderson Riders Club (Minneapolis, MN)
FAF Crew (London, Ontario)
Faithful Riders Motorcycle Ministry (Atlantic County, NJ)
Falcons MC (National)
Falcons MC - Edmonton Chapter (Alberta, CA)
False River Riders (New Roads, LA)
Federaçao de Motociclismo do Ceara
Federacion Española De HDC (Spain)
Fellowship Riders
Few Good Men MC (New York)
Fierce Allegiance MC (Passaic County NJ)
The Final Frontier (Ministry)
Fire and Iron MC - Station 15
Fire Riders (NYC Firemen)
Firestarters MC (Slovenia)
First Russian Independent Bikers Site (Russian)
Five-0 MC (Kissee Mills, Missouri)
Flaming Knights M.C. World
Flaming Knights M.C., Los Angeles, California
Flaming Knights MC (International)
Flaming Knights MC (N.W. Los Angeles, CA)
FLNY Riderz
Floribama Riders (ASTR)
Florida Trail Riders
Flying Aardvarks MCC - International
FMCK Varberg
Forasteros APM (Spain)
Forth Valley Motorcycle Club (Scotland)
Fox MC (Clapham, Bedfordshire, UK)
Fox Valley Riders MC SHAWANO (Shawano City WI)
Free To Ride Connecticut Motorcycle Club
Freed Spirits MC
Freedom Africa Touring Club
Freedom Cruisers
Freedom Cruisers, Chapter 38 Kansas City,Mo
Freedom MC (Finland)
Freedom MC (Finland)
Freedom of Road Riders, Local 24 (St. Louis)
Freedom Riders
Freedom Riders
Freedom Seekers MC - ROME, GA CHAPTER
Freemasons Riding Club
Freemasons Riding Club (Wilmington, NC)
FreeRider Motorcycle Club
Freewheelers Emergency Volunteer Service (UK)
FSU MC (Chicago, Illinois)
Full Moon Lone Riders
Gai Moto Club (Paris)
Gange Rolv HD MC
Gathe MC (Sweden)
Gentlemen MC (Denmark)
Georgia Recreational Trail Riders Association
Georgia Sportbike Association, Inc.
German MC (Alamogordo, NM)
German MC (El Paso, TX)
Ghetto Girlz MC
Ghost Riders MC
Ghost Riders MC
Global Motorcycle Riders
God's Squad MC Brisbane Australia
God's Squad MC Finland
God's Squad MC Germany
God's Squad MC International
God's Squad MC Launceston Australia
God's Squad MC Melbourne Australia
God's Squad MC New Zealand
God's Squad MC Norway
God's Squad MC Pilgrim
God's Squad MC Sydney Australia
God's Squad MC Ukraine
God's Squad MC United Kingdom
Gods Warriors MC (CA)
Gold Coast Wheelers M/C SLO CO
GoldWing Québec
Gospel Riders (FI)
Gospel Riders Team (Boyertown, PA)
Grand Prix Riders Association
The Great God Harley-Davidson?
Great Lakes Road Racing Association
Green Knights Motorcycle Club
Gremium MC (Germany)
Gromovi MK (Serbia)
GSX1400 Club (Dutch)
GTR1000 (Concours Owners Group)
Guardians SMC
Gunfighters MC
GWRRA British Columbia Chapter 'BC-K Kelowna, BC
GWRRA California Chapter 'CA1-Q'
GWRRA California Chapter 'CA1-R'
GWRRA California Chapter 'CA1-V'
GWRRA Dublin (GA) Chapter - GA-A2
GWRRA Florida Chapter 'FL2-E' Miami Wings
GWRRA Florida Chapter FL 1J 'Chapter J - Jacksonville
GWRRA Georgia Chapter 'GA-D'
GWRRA Maryland Chapter
GWRRA Maryland Chapter Region B Chapter MDJ (Annapolis)
GWRRA Michigan Chapter 'C'
GWRRA Michigan Chapter 'P'
GWRRA Michigan Chapter 'Q2'
GWRRA Michigan Chapter 'V'
GWRRA Missouri Chapter 'W'
GWRRA Texas Chapter 'TX-R' D*FW Rally Cats
GWRRA Texas Chapter G - The Gulf Wings
GWRRA Washington Chapter 'B' (Bremerton)
GWRRA-Goldwing Road Riders Association
GWTA Chapter H East Hartford (CT)
GWTA Chinook Wings, Calgary, Alberta Chapter AB-C Region K
GWTA Illinois Chapter C, Windy City Wings
GWTA of Michigan
GWTA Ottawa GoldWing Riders
GWTA Poverty Bay Wings - Federal Way (WA)
GWTA-Gold Wing Touring Association
H.D.C.C. MC (Copenhagen Denmark)
Handlebars for Heaven (FL)
Hard Riders of Houston (TX)
Harley - Lease Alternative
Harley Davidson Riders Club of Great Britain
Harley-Davidson Club De Mallorca (Spain)
Harley-Davidson Club Finland
Harley-Davidson Club Norway
Harley-Davidson Club of Denmark
Harley-Davidson Club Praha (Czech Republic)
Harley-Davidson Italian Club
Harley-Davidson-Club Bad Company (Germany)
Harpies Sisterhood MC
Hartselle AL Sportbike Riders
Hawgs MC (Toten, Norway)
Heaven's Bikers (Sweden)
Hells Angels (Amsterdam)
Hells Angels (Anchorage, AK)
Hells Angels (Denmark)
Hells Angels (NYC)
Hells Angels (Orange County, CA)
Hells Angels (San Fernando Valley)
Hells Angels (San Jose, CA)
Hells Angels (South Africa)
Hells Angels Forever
Hells Angels MC World Site
Hells Angels MC World Sites
Helmet Law Defense League
Henchmen MC (San Jose , CA)
Henchmen MC (Tracy)
Heralds of the Cross Motorcycle Ministry, Inc.
Herd of Turtles MC (Philadelphia)
Hessians Motorcycle Club
High Rollers MC of Las Vegas
Highway Dragons - South Africa
Hired Guns MC
Historic Police Motorcycle Group (UK)
HOG Austin (TX) Chapter
Hog BC
HOG Belleville (IL) Chapter
HOG Cactus Chapter
HOG Chattanooga (TN) Chapter
HOG Daytona Beach (FL) Florida Chapter
HOG Eastern Ontario Chapter
HOG Gastonia (NC) Chapter #3479
HOG Geelong (AU) Chapter
HOG Gulf Coast (FL) Chapter
HOG Kentuckiana Chapter (Louisville)
HOG Manassas (VA) Chapter
HOG Munich Germany Chapter
HOG Muskegon (MI) Chapter
HOG Ontario Dual Sport Club
HOG Redding (CA) Chapter
Hog Riders Motorcycle Club
HOG San Diego Chapter 308
HOG Smoky Mountain Dragon Chapter (Maryville, TN)
HOG Southwest OK Chapter
HOG Stamford (CT) Chapter
HOG Topeka (KS) Chapter
HOG Tri-County (MI) Chapter
HOG Tucson (AZ) Chapter
HOG-Harley Owners Group
Holy Riders
Hombres M/C
Hombres MC - Seattle Chapter
Honda CB1100R Owners Club
Honda Motorcycle Enthusiasts (Kansas City, MO)
Honda MPE Australia
Honda Owners Club of Great Britain
Honda RC30 Owners Club
Honda Riders Association (Belgium)
Honda Sport Touring Association
Honda ST1100 Owners Club
Honda ST1100 Owners Club (UK)
Honda Valkyrie Owners Association
HonorBound MM
Horde MC (Tucson, Arizona)
Hornet's Nest
House of Rush
Huns Motorcycle Club
Hye Riders MC Club(Armenia)
I Don't Know MC
Illuminati Motorcycle Club
Illusion MC (VA)
Immortals MC NY
Immortals MC Thailand
In Country MC (Texas)
In Country MC International
Independent Riders (South Africa)
Indian Knights MC
Indianapolis BMW Club
Infidel Sons V/MC
Infidels Motorcycle Club (National)
Infidels Motorcycle Club - New Jersey Chapter
International Association of Fire Fighters - Motorcycle Group (IAFF-MG)
International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers
International CBX Owners Association
International Laverda Owners Club Web Page
International Motorcyclists Tour
International Star Riders Association
Internet Riders of Italy
Intruder Owners Club Holland
Invaders MC Poland
Iron Chariots MC (Singapore)
Iron Coffins MC
Iron Jokers MC (Poland)
Iron Order MC - California
Iron Order MC - International
Iron Order MC - Maryland
Iron Order MC - Oklahoma
Iron Order MC - Sparks, Oklahoma
Iron Order MC - Utah
Iron Rage Of Nebraska
Ironbutt Association
Ironbutt Goldwingers
Ironmarshals MC
The James Gang, Inc.
Jawaklubben Norge
Jerusalem MC (Finland)
Jerzee D’vahz MC
Joburg Eagles MC (South Africa)
Jokers Motorcycle Club
Jokerz RC
Jus Brothers MC
Just Us PSMC
Jyväskylän Moottoriklubi (Finland)
Kössen (Austria/Tirol)
Kalmar Touring Clubs Hemsida (Swedish)
Katana Owners Club (Germany)
Kawasaki GPx and GPz Owners Club (UK)
Kawasaki KLE 500 Club (Netherlands)
Kawasaki Merk Club Nederland
Kawasaki Owners Club
Kawasaki Sportsbike Riders Club
Kawasaki ZRX1100 Owners Association
Kings Norton Motorcycle Club (UK)
Kinsmen MC
KMC Dryriders (SE Wisconsin)
Knights MC Malta
Knights of Life MC - NJ (EMTs)
Knights Paladin MC (WA)
Knights Templar MTC
Kongo Riderz MC
Kungsback MC (Sweden)
KZ1300 USA Club (Houston, TX)
Lådan MC (Stockholm)
LA Biker Official Web Site
Lady Hawks Motorcycle Club - Diamond Chapter
Lady Lucifers MC
Lakhota Riders (MA)
Lambretta Club Deutschland
Lambretta Club Stockholm (Sweden)
Last Chance MC
Latin American Motorcycle Association Arecibo, Puerto Rico Chapter
Latin Riderz MC (Las Vegas)
Laverda Owners Club (USA)
Laverda Register (Germany)
Law Riders MC
Leather and Lace MC
Leathernecks MC (Cape Cod)
Leathernecks MC (National)
Leathernecks MC (NH)
Leathernecks Nation MC
Legacy MC (Chicago, IL)
Legion MC
Liberty Riders MC (Brooklyn)
Lone Legion Brotherhood MA
Lone Rangers Grenna MC Sweden
Lone Wolves Group
Long Riders MC
Long Riders MC NO.CAL
Longrider Cowboys MC
Los Diablos M/C (NEBRASKA)
Los Muchachos MC
Los Traviesos MC
Lost Souls MC (NY)
Lost Coyotes MC
Louisiana Masons Motorcycle Chapter
Lowlanders MC (Italy)
M.T.C. Cobras
Mad Dog Motorcycle Club (SE Asia)
Mad Hatters MC
Madison BMW Club (Madison, WI)
Magna Motor Club (Dutch)
Magna Riders
Maipenrai MC
Marauders MC (Pennsylvania Chapter)
Masonic Motorcycle Club Chapter 38
Maximalist Sport Bike Ryders
MC Franeker (Netherlands)
MC Hollister - Moslavina
MC Hollister Mother Chapter
MCE - Stockholm (Swedish)
Messengers MC (Sacramento, CA)
Mid Atlantic Road Racing Club
Mid City Cruisers (TX)
Middle Tennessee Honda Riders Club
Midwest Cruisers
MIG (Marauder Intruder Group)
Militia Rider MC (Singapore)
MinskClub (Viet Nam)
Misfits Motorcycle Club of Arizona
Misfits Motorcycle Club of Florida
Misfits Motorcycle Club of St. Charles Missouri
Misfits Motorcycle Club of Tennessee
Misfits RC (GA)
mk SPID (Belgrade, Serbia)
Modified Motorcycle Association of Arizona
Modified Motorcycle Association of Massachusetts
Mongrels Riding Club
Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club (Bohemia, Long Island , NY)
Moto Angelz - Womens MC San Diego
Moto Club Roquetas (Spain)
Moto Club Veredalta
Moto Guzzi National Owners Club News USA
Moto Sporting Club Basel (Switzerland)
Motobroliai RC (Lithuania)
Motofrenn Diddeleng - Club motocycliste de Dudelange (Grand Duché de Luxembourg)
Motorcycle Action Group (Netherlands)
Motorcycle Clubs in South Africa
Motorcycle Friends Thunder Wheels - Aschaffenburg (Germany)
Motorcycle New England
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Motorcycle Sportsmen of Queensland
Motorcycle Touring Association
Motorcycle Touring Club of Victoria Inc.
Motorradklub Asperhofen (Austria)
Mountain Men MC (New Hampshire & Vermont)
Moving Violations Motorcycle Club
MRA Townsville and Districts Inc. (Townsville, Qld. AU)
MVC Free-Ratbikers Limburg Nederland
Mystic Knights of the Sea (Woods Hole, MA)
N-431 Custom Biker(Ayamonte, Spain)
Nam Knights MC of America(1st North Carolina Chapter)
Nam Knights MC of America(Orlando, FL Chapter)
Nam Knights MC of America(Palm Beach County, FL Chapter)
Nam Knights MC of America(South West, FL Chapter)
Nam Knights MC of America(Westside Chapter in Valrico, FL)
Napa Valley Scooter Club
Nassau Wings Motorcycle Club (NY)
Nature Coast Retreads
NE Florida Retreads
New London Motorcycle Club (Montville, CT)
New Mexico Vulcan Riders and Owners Club
New York City Motorcyclists
Nice Beavers MC-Klubb Sweden
Night Wolves MC (Macedonia)
Ninja Club (Toronto)
NJ Polar Bear MC Home Page
No Name MC Denmark - South-Bay Chapter
No Rules Riders
Noble Few
Norsk Motorcykkel Union
North Alabama Trail Riders Association
North American & International RiceBurners Motorcycle Club (Dedham, MA)
North American Russian Motorcycle Association
North Swedish CBXers Official Home Page
Northeast Riders MC
Northeast Sportbike Association (Wyomissing, PA)
Northern California Norton Owners Club
Northwest Motorcycle Association (WA)
Norton Owners Club
Norwegian Motorcycle Union
Norwegian MottoGuzzi Club
Nuggets Motorcycle Club
Numbutts Social Riders (Australia)
Nyköping Motorcycle Club (Sweden)
Oedipus MC Club
Official Royal Order of Goobers MC Page
Old Dogs Brotherhood
Old Sharpers MC (Latvia)
One Fist Ryderz MC (South FL)
Online Classic Bike Club (UK)
Ontario Confederation of Clubs
Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association
Oregon Motorcycle RoadRacing Assn. (Portland)
Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists
Osceola Riders (St. Cloud, FL)
Outlaws MC
Outlaws MC Jacksonville
Outsiders MC (West Reading, PA)
Overlords Motorcycle Club
PACBOG - A Buell Owners Group
Pair-A-Dice MC Club (Houston)
Papagaios do Asfalto MC (Brazil)
Patriots (Croatia)
Pawnees MC (Barcelona)
Peacemakers MC (Rochester, NY)
Peckerwoods MC (Dago, CA)
The Peugeot Speedfight Owners Club
Philistines MC
Pit Crew MC (Santa Rosa California)
Potomac Area Road Riders (PARR)
Potomac Vintage Riders
Pridesmen RC
Privateers MC (Caribbean)
Privateers RC (AZ)
Prophecy MC, Atlanta, GA Chapter
Proud Few MC
Queens Together Motorcycle Club
Queens Together Motorcycle Club - Oakland Chapter
Quick Quacks Motorcycle Club - a club for motorcycling doctors and dentists (UK)
Ramapo Motorcycle Club
Raskulls MC (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
Rayleigh Riders Motorcycle Touring Club (UK)
RC30 Club de France
Reading Motorcycle Club (Oley, PA)
Real Federación Motociclista Española
Reapers Riders MC (UK)
Rebel Knights Motorcycle Club
Red Devils Shanghai
Red Emeralds MC (Boston, MA)
Red Knights MC
Red Knights MC - Connecticut Shoreline Chapter IV
Red Knights MC PA. 6 Levittown
Red Riderz (Las Vegas, NV)
Redcrossbikers Belgium
Redeemed Motorcycle Ministries
Redline MC (Napa, CA)
Reduc Sportbike Association
Regiment VMC (Edmonton, Aberta, Canada)
Rejects Brotherhood (UK)
Remaining Few M/C
The Remnant MMC
Renegade M/C (UK)
Renegade's MC (South Africa)
Renegades MC
Renegades MC (International/South Africa)
Reservoir Dogs Motorcycle Club (Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)
Retreads MC (Rhode Island)
Ride Motorcycle Club (Grand Rapids, MI)
Rider Motorcycle Touring Club - Pocono Mountain Chapter
Riders Club of Central Florida
Riders For Justice
Riders In Recovery Motorcycle Club (Mecklenburg Co. NC)
Rigid Riders Riding Club
Rising Sons (Japan)
River City Beemers (Sacramento)
River Riders MC
River Valley Riders MC (West Chesterfield, NH)
RMCK Hökarna
Road Disciples Motorcycle Club
Road Divas Motorcycle Club
Road Hogs MC(Denmark)
Road Hogs MC(Sweden)
Road Jester MC
Road Knights Motorcycle Club
Road Riders for Jesus Motorcycle Ministry
Road Runners MC Poland
Road Vultures MC
Road Warrior Society
Road Wolves MC (Washington, DC)
Roadburners Motorcycle Club (West Cumbria, UK)
Roaddogs I.R.O.
Roaddogs Independent Riders Organization (Billings, MT)
Roaddogs IRO (Billings, MT)
Rock Machine MC (CANADA)
Rocket MC (UK)
Rocky Mountain Motocross Association
ROGUE (RC51 Owners Group of United Enthusiasts)
Rolling Inferno MC
Ronin Riders (NJ)
Ronin Riding Club
Rough Company Extreme Riders Club (Wyoming)
Rough Riders MC
Rough Riders Motorcycle Club
RubberKnives MC
Ruff Ryders of Florida
S.C.O.O.T.R Inc.
S.O.B.E.R. MC - Illinois Charter
The Sabre Group (Torrance, CA)
Sacred Bones Society MC
Sacred Brotherhood
Salty Dawgs of Virginia MRC
The Salvation Riders MC (International)
San Diego Antique Motorcycle Club
San Diego Motorcyclists
San Diego Touring Society
San Francisco Motorcycle Club
San Jacinto High Rollers MC
San Jacinto High Rollers Motorcycle Club
San Jose Dons MC
Sandnes MC Club Norway
Santa Cruz Vampires MC and Scooter Club
Satans Alliance MC (Oklahoma)
Satans Bro's. MC. Midwest
Satans Slaves MC (UK)
Savage 7 Nomads MC
Saxon Brotherhood MC
Saxons Motorcycle Club
SCMA (Southern California Motorcycle Association)
Sea Brothers MCC (Bulgaria)
Second Brigade M/C (North Carolina)
Seed of Abraham MC (Lowell, MA) Christian Club
Servants For Christ Motorcycle Ministry
Seven Sins MC Germany
Shadow Club USA
Shadow Riders
Shadow Riders Club Chapter TX-01 - Plano, TX
Shamrocks Motorcycle Club - Mother Chapter (Vermont, Lake Champlain)
Shedevils MC Stockholm
Shiftn Steel Sport Riderz
Silent Skulls International M/C
Silent Soldiers MC
Silver Backs Riding Club
Singles Motorcycle Club (Bay Area, CA)
Sisters of Chrome WMC
Sisters of Chrome WMC
Sisters of Scota Womens Motorcycle Club
Sisters With A Throttle (SWAT) Mototcycle Club
Skaraborgs MC Touring Club (Sweden)
SL1 - Slough Riders Club
SMC Inc. (Maine)
SMC Stockholm (Swedish MC Association)
SMC Stockholm Läns Motorcyklister, Vår Centralorganisation
Smoking Skulls MC (SD)
Sniglar MC Club (Iceland)
Sober Riders Motorcycle Association (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Sober Souls MC (Tempe, AZ)
Society for the Preservation of Motorcyclists
Soldiers For Christ Motorcycle Ministries (Chapter E)
Soldiers For Christ Motorcycle Ministries (Chapter F)
Soldiers For Christ Motorcycle Ministries (Chapter G)
Soldiers For Christ Motorcycle Ministries (National)
Solo Angeles Tijuana CM
Sons of Aesír MC (Phoenix, AZ)
Sons Of God Motorcycle Club
Sons Of Silence MC USA
Sons Of The South RC (Ozone, TN)
Sons Of The South RC (Ozone, TN)
Sons of Valhalla MC
Soul Brothers M.C.
Soul Fire DMC (CA)
South County Victory Riders (San Jose/Gilroy, CA, USA)
Southampton University MC Club (UK)
Southern California MX Club
Southern California Shadow Riders
Southern Coast Riders
Southern Cross MC
Southern Cruisers Riding Club
Southern Cruisers Riding Club (San Antonio, TX)
Southern Cruisers Riding Club - Kansas City Chapter
Southern Cruisers Riding Club - Memphis Chapter
Southern Cruisers Riding Club - Middle TN Chapter
Southern Cruisers Riding Club - Orangeville Ontario
Southern Cruisers Riding Club - SE Alabama Chapter
Southern Cruisers Riding Club - Tampa Bay Chapter
Southern Cruisers Riding Club - Texas Chisholm Trail Chapter (Central Texas)
Southern Cruisers Riding Club - Washingto State Sea-East Chapter 368
Southern Justice LEMC (Vero Beach, FL)
Southern Outlaws MC (TX)
Southern Posse MC (Mission TX)
Sovereign Riders Motorcycle Club (NY)
Spokes-Women Motorcycle Club (NJ)
Sport Riding in Georgia
Sportbike Rider's Association
St. Croix Valley Riders (MN-WI)
Star Cruisers Switzerland
Star of David Bikers (Delaware Valley)
Star Touring and Riding Association
State Of Jefferson Brotherhood MC
Steel Pirates (Florida)
Steel Saints LEMC
Street Assassinz MC - Central Valley Chapter
Street Assassinz MC - Fremont Chapter
Street Assassinz MC - San Jose Chapter
Street GoonZ (St. Petersburg, Florida)
Suicide Disciples
Suicide Machines MC
Suncoast Brotherhood
Sunshine Region Retreads
Susquehanna Valley Cruisers
Suzuki GSX1400 Owners Club
Suzuki Owners Club (USA)
Suzuki Owners Club of Great Britian
Suzuki Owners Club of North America
Suzuki Savage Club Holland
Svartbækken MC Løiten
Svenska Indiansällskapet
SW Thunder MC (Las Vegas, NV)
Swiss Vintage Motorcycle Club
The Syndicate Mcc
Ténéré-Club Rhein-Neckar Germany
Talisman Westlander MC (Norway)
Task Force Rydaz (South Africa)
Team Pro-Motion Sportbike Rider's Club
Team Promotion Riders Club (Hatboro, PA)
Temecula Valley Harley Owners Group
Templar Knights MC (Massachusetts)
Templar Knights MC (USA & California)
Tennessee Confederation Of Clubs
Texas Sport Bike Association
Texas Wheels M.C.
Texas Wingz
Thousand Oaks (CA) Riders Club
Throttle Hearts (Austin, TX)
Throttle Twisters MC
Thumper Club Page
Timekeepers MC (Los Gatos, CA)
Ton Up Club (Houston, TX) Mostly British Bikes)
Ton-Up Club Boston (Watertown, MA)
Top Hatters Motorcycle Club (Hollister, CA)
Tornado Alley Road Riders (Altus, OK)
Trail Riders of Houston (Houston, TX)
Tramps (Netherlands)
Transalp Club Netherlands
Treadnot MC (OK)
Treasure Coast Britbike Riders (Stuart, FL)
Trike Riders International
Triumph International Owners Club
Triumph Motorcycle Club
Triumph Trophy Owners Group
Trubodar, Christian MC in Iceland
True Soldiers MC
Tulsa Trailriders Homepage
Turbo Motorcycles Owners International Club
Twin Cities Motorcycle Club (Minnesota-Wisconsin)
Twin Club MC (Norrtelje, Sweden)
Twin Horn MC (Croatia)
Two-Wheeled Chick Magnets
U-TURN RIDERS ( St.Louis Mo)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Asheboro NC)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Augusta, GA)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Culpeper, VA)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Danville, VA)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Florida State)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Fort Wayne, IN)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Georgia, State)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Indianapolis IN)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Jackson, MI)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Nashville, TN)
U.S. Military Vets MC (New Albany, IN)
U.S. Military Vets MC (New York State)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Northeast, MD )
U.S. Military Vets MC (Northern VA)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Ohio, State)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Okaloosa County, FL)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Oklahoma)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Osceola Co, FL)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Pennsylvania, State)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Rochester, NY)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Savannah, GA)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Smyrna, NY)
U.S. Military Vets MC (South Broward, FL)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Southern, MD)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Tennessee State)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Terre Haute, IN)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Virginia State)
U.S. Military Vets MC (West Volusia, FL)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Wisconsin)
U.S. Military Vets MC (Xenia, OH)
U.S. Military Vets MC - Blacksheep (New Smyrna Beach, FL)
Ugly Mother Fuckers Of America - San Antonio Texas Chapter
UK Buell Enthusiasts
UK Cruiser Motorcycle Club (United Kingdom)
UMF of America - Phoenix Branch Chapter
Undaunted Few MC (NY)
Undertakers MC (Connecticut)
United States Freedom Fighters Home Page
Utah British Bike Club
V-Max Club Finland
V-Max Club Russia
V-Max Owners Association
V.M.O.A. (Vmax Owner's Association)
Valiants MC
Valkyrie Dragon Riders
Valkyrie Riders Club U.K.
Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club - VA Chapter
Valley Cruisers Motorcycle Club (Fresno, CA)
Vargulfs MCC (UK)
Vee Four Riders Club (UK)
Velocette Owners Club of North America
The Venturers
Veterans of Vietnam M/C - Mother Chapter
Veterans of Vietnam M/C West Coast
Vicious Circle MC (NY)
Vietnam Vets & Legacy Vets M/C
Vietnam Vets & Legacy Vets M/C (California)
Vietnam Vets & Legacy Vets M/C (Chapter A - California)
Vietnam Vets & Legacy Vets M/C (Chapter A - Georgia)
Vietnam Vets & Legacy Vets M/C (Chapter A - Washington)
Vietnam Vets & Legacy Vets M/C (Chapter B - Arizona)
Vietnam Vets & Legacy Vets M/C (Chapter B - Buffalo, N.Y.)
Vietnam Vets & Legacy Vets M/C (Chapter C - California)
Vietnam Vets & Legacy Vets M/C (Chapter E - Florida)
Vietnam Vets & Legacy Vets M/C (Chapter L - Arizona)
Vietnam Vets & Legacy Vets M/C (Chapter Z - California)
Vietnam Vets MC (Missouri)
Vietnam Vets MC - Chapter "B" (East St. Louis, Illinois)
Vikingr MC (Norway)
Vincent HRD Owners Club
Vintage & Custom Motorcycle Enthusiasts (Kansas City, Missouri)
Vintage Japanese MC World Home Page
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club
Vintage Roadracing Association
Virago Owners Club of Fairfax, VA
Virtual Rally - Motorcycle Socializing and Road Rally Resources
Vorai MC
Vulcan Drifter Owners Group
Vulcan Owners Club Nederland
Vulcan Owners Club Spain
Vulcan Riders and Owners Club
Vulcan Riders Association
Vulcan Riders Association
Vulcan Riders Association
Vulcan Riders Association - Western Carolina Chapter
Vulcan Riders Holland
Vulcan Riders Sweden
Warrior Brotherhood Veterans M/C
Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association
Washington State Moto Guzzi Owners Club
Weasels USA (AZ)
Weasels USA (Los Angeles)
Weasels USA (Springfield, Missouri)
West Bank Motorcycle Club (MN)
Wet Leather
Wheels of Freedom
Whistlers Cumbria MCC (West Cumbria England)
White Riders R/C
White Warriors MC (UK)
Widows Sons - Florida
Wild Boars Motorcycle Club (Philadelphia PA)
Wild Wheels MC Novocherkassk (Russia)
Williston Basin Riders, Inc. (Williston, ND)
Winchester Harley Riders Club WHRC (UK)
Wind & Fire Southern Chapter (Charlotte, NC)
Wing of Phoenix
Wingmen Motorcycle Club
Wolverines Motorcycle Club
Wolverines Motorcycle Club
Women & Motorcycling Italian Association
Women in the Wind, Inc.
Women on Wheels
Women on Wheels® Sun State Riders FL Chapter
WPMC (Cape Town, South Africa)
X-Riders M/C
Xamãs do Vento MotoClube
Xtreme Ridez
Yahweh Riders
Yamaha Custom Club (Sweden)
Yamaha Diversion Club Nederland
Yamaha TDM/TRX 850 International Owners Club
YZ490 Owners/Enthusiasts Club
Z Owners Club (AU)
The Zen Riders
Zinc City MC (Palmerton, PA)
Zoroastrian MC


When you request a link for your club on my site, you can submit a photo of your club's patch and it will be posted as a direct link to your club's web site. Should you not want to post a picture of your patch we will, as always, still post a text link to your club's web site.

There are several rules that must be followed though:
  1. The club requesting their patch be posted, must have an active web site.(even a small one page site will do)
  2. The person submitting the patch photo must be either an officer in said club or the webmaster of the club's web site and/or have the club's permission to post the patch.
  3. All persons requesting a patch link will have their info stored in a secure file
  4. Should your web site be down for an extended period of time, your link will be removed until your site is back up again.
  5. Club patch photo's should be of the patch only, no people or faces---just the patch and all photo's should be in color.
  6. A link back to my site would be appreciated.
  7. Please notify me of any non working links you may find so I can check them out.

Contact Gums HERE with your name, website link (URL) and photo.

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